Tuesday, 17 June 2014

SME clinic: innovation and growth 16 July 2014

This event will help established SMEs and high growth innovative start-ups learn about the importance of design and Intellectual Property (IP) Rights, and how they can be used to innovate, grow and add significant value to your business.

Kirsty Edwards, IP expert
Intellectual Property Office
Andy Cripps, Design Associate
Design Council

You will learn how design can:
– stimulate innovation in different market sectors
– support the development of business strategy
– attract onward investment
– support development of innovative products and services
– increase market share and sustain growth
Then hear from experts on the four main areas of IP:
– trade marks
– patents
– designs
– copyright
and how using them properly will maximise the value of
your business.

Plus: get practical answers to all your design and IP questions with a one-to-one slot with our experts.

This seminar will benefit established SMEs and high growth innovative start-ups who wish to understand more about the added value of design and IP, and how they can help them take the next steps towards growing their business vision and output.

NB: This seminar is not suitable for pre-start-ups

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For further information call either:
David Hopkins
Business Engagement Manager
Intellectual Property Office
Tel: +44 (0)1633 814041

Ann Crawley
Services Manager
Design Council
Tel: +44 (0)207 420 5221
Intellectual Property