Friday, 2 March 2012

Leap into Action Success

Business & Patents and Europe Direct Leeds had a Leap Year Day with a difference. ‘Leap into Action’ was a European Commission funded, hugely successful all day event held in the Central Library attended by over 150 people. It aimed to help business start ups and show what support is available in Leeds, as well as informing local people about Europe Direct and the EU’s activities in this area.

Supporting the communication priority ‘Restoring Growth for Jobs: Accelerating towards 2020’ Europe Direct Leeds worked with colleagues from the Business and Patent Service from Libraries and Leeds, York & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce to organise the event.

A host of providers (Construction Leeds, Keeping House, Leeds City College and Factory4, LMU,QU2, Locate in Leeds, Tenants Hall Enterprise Centre, Leeds City Credit Union, Hillside and more) were on hand to provide information to help boost business – in particular for those owner/managers of micro or small businesses and anyone thinking about starting a business. The day included help with sourcing finance, patenting and copyrighting, affordable premises. Tax and national insurance, business advice and more. Europe Direct Leeds was on hand too to let participants know what the EU is doing to support business.
Speakers included

Carl Hopkins from Direct Business Advice talking about the integrated approach to finance, operations, sales, marketing, and people.

Colin Devey from HM Revenue and Customs gave an introductory talk about getting to grips with becoming your own boss, covering how to register as self-employed, national insurance contributions, keeping business records and how to keep track of expenses.

Ged Doonan from Business and Patents Service, Leeds Central Library guided us through procedures to help you protect your products and services using patents, trademarks, registered designs and copyright.

Business Enterprise fund helps anyone struggling to get finance explore their options for new and established businesses, and also how to put a proposal together before approaching a bank.
Tina Boden gave a fun interactive session to help everyone understand the benefits of networking and achieve the benefits from it.

Liz Cable from talked about Social Media and why you can’t ignore it with top tips on getting the most out of it for your business

Feedback has been great and we look forward to holding a similar event next year